was initially created as a platform of creativity by Ali Mirza Mulabegović in 2012. From video production, public relations to event management it broke barriers and created new ways, but it was not until 2013 that it found its true platform to showcase its creativity. It came through synergy with the retail family business ran by his sister Amila that fashion would be their platform of choice.

Everywear is the key term at the start of their every design process. Putting it simply it means creating what they really want to wear right now for any given occasion. We source the most beautiful fabrics while at the same time thinking about the environment. Croatia for decades took pride in its clothing industry and now they take pride that all of garments are 100% made in Croatia. By doing things locally they are able to react to the latest trends in the shortest period of time, creating garments catered to the needs of their customers that wear them with heart.